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Who We Are

Taylor Barefoot (Founder)

“At Snug Sensations, our mission is to provide a space where furniture lovers can come to learn about and get inspired by the best home decor & furniture brands. We provide easy-to-read furniture guides, product reviews, and more on a variety of brands so that you can make the most informed decisions when you shop, all from the comfort of your own home!” 

– Taylor (founder)

Our Mission

Furniture You'll Love
We don't waste time on products that are poor quality, unstylish, or just overall forgetful.
Honest reviews
We ensure that the products we recommend are tested and undergo our research process to provide you with the best, most honest reviews possible.
Every review and collaboration on our site is written by real people just like you who care about the overall satisfaction of you and your home.
Sustainable Products
This planet is our home, and that means we should treat it as such. We strive to recommend products that have an emphasis on eco-friendliness.