About Snug Sensations

Let’s face it: the internet has made furniture shopping wonderfully convenient but also extremely daunting.

Here at Snug Sensations, we aim to reduce this intimidating experience by offering simple-to-read reviews, furniture recommendations, and more on a variety of brands so that you can make the best choices- all from the comfort of your own home.

All of the information provided on our site is written by home experts and overall comfort lovers that have your best interest in mind!

So grab a drink, get snug, and enjoy Snug Sensations!

About the Founder

As the founder of Snug Sensations, I must ensure everyone receives authenticity and transparency in every publication on this site, including my own story.

Taylor Barefoot- Founder

Growing up, I never had the most lavished house. Nor did it keep up with the latest trends.

For me, being in a furniture store was equivalent to an amusement park. And my enthusiasm never faded.

Nowadays, my wife and I have a passion for furniture and home décor, and we’re constantly on the lookout for the perfect item. The caveat is- we don’t always love what we find in retail stores!

So, we went online to look for the ideal furniture that matched our personalities, only to find it exceedingly overwhelming and difficult.

Realizing that other people experience the same difficulties, I decided to blend my love for furniture and web design and create Snug Sensations so folks like me who crave quality furniture reviews can come and discover the best furniture for their home- one article at a time!

I hope this website serves you well in your journey to personalize your home.